Monitoring Features

File/Endpoint Difference

Monitor a given URL for changes. For example a JS file or a feed.

SSL Certificates

Monitor SSL certificates for over 20 properties.

(TTFB) Time To First Byte

Monitor the TTFB for changes over a given margin.

Up/Down Time Monitoring

Get notified when a URL goes off or online.

Used Technology Monitoring

Get notified when a used technology is added or removed.


Monitor the content-length of a page for changes.

DNS Records

Monitor the Name Servers, Hosts, CNAME, MX and TXT Records and/or the Reverse Lookup Names.

DNS Return Code

Monitor the DNS response code of a given domain. For example NXDOMAIN or NOERROR.

Response Headers

Monitor the response headers. For example if one changes or gets added/deleted.

Status code

Monitor the status code of a given URL/page/endpoint for changes.

Page Title

Monitor the title of the page for any changes.