Security Focused
Asset Monitoring

Monitor a set of URLs for over 10+ checks and get notified on changes. Just provide us a URL, select the period, for example daily, and select the checks you want to use.

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There are plenty of services currently providing system-endpoint monitoring, and uptime monitoring. builds upon this model by monitoring not only uptime, but also your SSL Certificates, JavaScript files, status codes and much more. You will get a notification upon changes. Notifications are getting displayed on your own dashboard, but can also be send via Slack, Mail or to a custom webhook.


Another major change is that we allow you to set your own custom request options. Like custom headers (so you can monitor API's etc.), multiple different request methods, skipping SSL certificate verification. And lots more! With you have the assurance of monitoring your assets when, and how you want!


Custom Dashboard

The dashboard has multiple great features.
Ranging from GitHub sign up and sign in integration
to viewing all your alerts on a timeline.

When an alert get generated,
it will by default always get added to your dashboard.
Next to having the alerts on your dashboard,
they can also be send out via email,
slack and/or a custom provided webhook.

To get a quick tour around the application,
please visit the info page,
to view an example of a public alert, click here.

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Some of the custom checks

File/Endpoint Difference

Monitor a given URL for changes. For example a JS file or a feed.

SSL Certificates

Monitor SSL certificates for over 20 properties.

(TTFB) Time To First Byte

Monitor the TTFB for changes over a given margin.

Response Headers

Monitor the response headers. For example if one changes or gets added/deleted.

Status code

Monitor the status code of a URL/page.

Page Title

Monitor the title of the page for any changes.

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Our Client Loves US


Beta Tester

I use to monitor changes on bug bounty programs to be notified when changes happen on their web assets. This enables me to keep an overview of how things change and allows me to be the first to target updated assets before other bug bounty hunters notice.


Beta Tester

I'm using Varanid to monitor interesting assets, mostly security related, but it can be used for anything. Varanid is also cheaper than any alternatives I've found online and offers a lot more features. A must-have for any Infosec professional or company looking to actively protect their online infrastructure.


Beta Tester

Varanid gives me the opportunity to easily spot vulnerabilities in the changes of JavaScript code. For every change in the JavaScript code, I will get notified via the webhook functionality. This feature is outstanding. Varanid 's UI is easy to use and looks amazing.


Beta Tester

I use varanid to monitor endpoints so I get notified when auth is not required anymore or JS files show new endpoints. This allows me to focus on vulnerabilities and let automation flow.


Beta Tester

I highly recommend for all your bug bounty needs. It can alert you whenever there is a change in any of the assets being monitored allowing you to stay ahead of the game.


Beta Tester

Varanid offers a great variety of options, with a very intuitive interface. Definitely recommend.

Pricing Plan

Our Awesome Pricing Plan


  • 50 URLs monitored
  • Up To 5 Checks Per URL
  • Monitoring Periods:
    12-hours, day, week, month
  • 1 ReDos when a check fails
  • 7 Days Data Retention
9.99 /Month
Excluding 21% VAT
20% discount on annual payments


  • 100 URLs monitored
  • Up To 10 Checks Per URL
  • Monitoring Periods:
    hour, 12-hours, day, week, month
  • Custom Request Options
  • Custom Webhook Notifications
  • Slack Notifications
  • 2 ReDos when a check fails
  • 28 Days Data Retention
14.99 /Month
Excluding 21% VAT
20% discount on annual payments


  • 150 URLs monitored
  • Up To 10 Checks Per URL
  • Monitoring Periods:
    5-minutes, 30-minutes, hour, 12-hours, day, week, month
  • Custom Request Options
  • Custom Webhook Notifications
  • Slack Notifications
  • 3 ReDos when a check fails
  • 56 Days Data Retention
24.99 /Month
Excluding 21% VAT
20% discount on annual payments

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this service meant for?

This service is designed for individuals and companies which either want to monitor their own or someone else's pages/URLs. For example you are a security professional and want to monitor given JavaScript files for differences so you can quickly examen the changes for security risks before others do. Or you want to monitor your own API for unexpected status codes etc.

What are custom request options?

Custom request options are options like the request method, headers, data, but also skipping SSL certificate verification and setting the max time-out and amount of redirects to follow, or to not follow redirects at all. These options make it possible to also monitor endpoints which are only available with for example POST or PUT requests. Or an API which requires the API key to be in a header.

What happens when a check fails?

When a check fails because for example the remote server failed to respond in time, then it will be tried again. The amount of retries differs per subscription and is determined by the 'ReDo amount' propery in your plan quota.

Can I share alerts with others?

Yes! There is an option for every user to share an alert with others. Just use the switch on the bottom right of the alert info page to toggle the visibility of the alert. Then use the link supplied below the switch, to share it. Everyone with this link can view the alert. Upon switching it from public to private, the public alert page will return a 404 page immediately.

Where are your prices based on?

Our prices are based on the costs to keep this service running. The time it took to develop, and the prices of similar services. We believe our prices are fairly reasonable and are below the average of similar services.

What is a custom webhook?

A custom webhook allows you to receive the alerts in real time on your own preferred way. When an alert gets generated and the notification option 'custom webhook' was chosen, then the alert data will be POSTed to the given custom webhook URL. This way, you can integrate into custom scripts, tooling and much more. You can read more here

What would be a use case of your service?

Get notified when a page behind basic authentication suddenly becomes public by using the status code check. Or monitoring JavaScript files to be the first to review the code changes. Or get notified when your favourite domain is finally up to register. Or just monitor your website or a list of subdomains for any up or down time. Etc...

Do you have an API?

Yes! but... unfortunately it's not live yet. Please monitor our twitter upcoming weeks for more info.